Kimmé Myles—Always Land On Your Feet.                

                                           Always Hit the Ground Running!



They say cats have nine lives. They also say cats always land on their feet, no matter how far they fall. Of all the things you can learn about local  businesswoman Kimmé Myles, you’ll find her love of felines is quite apropos (Kimmé is fascinated by cats and volunteers at the Humane Society matching cats to prospective pet owners).



If you were charged with the task of writing Kimmé’s bio, you would be hard pressed to find a focal point—she seems to have crammed many lives into one. An up and coming Junior Golfer in her youth. Successful fashion designer following in the footsteps of her well-known clothier father—she traveled to all the fashion hot spots, including New York and Milan. For a stint, she was even a sought after Aerobics instructor. And most significantly, a respected businesswoman who exploded her own clothing business from nothing into an overnight sensation.



The fact that Kimmé was a success at all of the above is a testament to how she was raised. Instilled with both a hard work ethic and a drive to always look at life from a positive perspective, she knows what it takes to realize a dream. Her father Lou, who was a well-known clothier to such celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Muhammed Ali and a few hockey stars, was a self-made man. He taught Kimmé to always strive to “be somebody.” That is, to work hard, be an optimist and make your own destiny. Like her father, Kimmé learned to bounce back from adversity, to land on her feet no matter how complicated or dire a situation.


For Kimmé, cats are special. She
loves all animals and truly enjoys
volunteering at local Humane

Kimmé loves taking in the arts and
culture whenever she gets a chance.
A former fashion designer, she has
a good eye for design.



This dynamo literally hits the ground running each day, getting more done in one day than most do in three. Whether she’s mapping out strategies to help her clients with one of life’s biggest investments, heading to Pilates class, performing with a dance troupe, scoping out a new art gallery exhibit or keeping up on the latest fashion trends, Kimmé is a spontaneous spirit, a focused business mind and a straight shooter.


And of course, she’s a feline “matchmaker” in her spare time.


And where this dynamic individual truly excels and exhibits her trademark passion for making things happen is in her career as one of the area’s most respected real estate professionals. She is adept at really listening to her clients’ needs then matching them with the perfect property. Always working at her client’s pace, she is a true pleasure to work with, but the real pleasure is seeing your real estate dreams, goals and aspirations become reality—with your best interests driving everything. 


“Sometimes, I will advise a client not to purchase a property or depending on their situation, I might tell a homeowner it’s not the right time to sell,” explains Kimmé.

Kimmé’s knowledge of the local
inventory is unmatched and a real
asset for both buyers and sellers.




Kimmé’s knowledge of the special Toronto downtown real estate marketplace is a real boon to her clients. She feels she’s found her life’s calling in a career that allows her to put all her knowledge to work helping people during such a wonderfully emotional time. Kimmé’s wealth of experience and knowledge give you a distinct advantage in any market condition. If you’re ready to make the most of your home, townhome, condo or loft sale or purchase, Let Kimmé Find a Way! Let her find a way to maximize not only the investment, but the experience as well. 


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"I was brought up to live my life to the fullest, work hard and always keep a positive attitude. That’s exactly how I approach my clients’ needs—and that’s how I get things done."

—Kimmé Myles


Kimmé Myles
Sales Representative


477 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Toronto, ON M4S 2L9

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